Current RELEASE - 26/01/2006

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What is it?

Video Processing C++ Library, designed for testing and developing filters, (de)coders.

VETLib basic built is compatible with Windows and NIX operative systems, some special builts (not available on all platforms) require external libraries such as imagemagick, libmpeg3, quicktime4linux, xvidcore, v4l, DirectX.

VETLib implements many tools for Video processing developing, with few line of code you may create a MPEG to QuickTime converter, Cam Player, Video Player and much more.

VETLib WorkShop is a great tool for testing and using VETLib components, it comes with some integrated plugins (image/mpeg4/directx source, visualization, ..) but you may add new plugins at run-time. (coded in C++ .NET, for Windows only)

Various VETLib screenshots are available in Extras section.

You may browse the full uncompressed distribution online at address:

Documentation is available for browsing and downloading at:

More informations

This page is the HTML version of README.
VETLib developers are listed in AUTHORS.

An updated ChangeLog is available online.

Under Linux

Library and new packages are currently compiled with GNU Compiler 3.3.4.
Special builts supported on Linux:

Read COMPILE for indepth informations.

Under Windows

Library and new packages are currently compiled with Visual C++ 6.0, Borland C++ 6.0.
Special builts supported on Windows:

Read COMPILE for indepth informations.

Using VETLib (SDK)

Visit SDK section.
Text reference is ./USE

Extending VETLib

VETLib is very modular, it's quite easy for developers to add new packages or extend existing packages.

Read EXTEND for indepth informations.

Read TODO for wish packages' list.

Visit Packages' section.

Known Bugs

Read BUGS for well know bugs and problems list.
Please help VETLib staff to improve library, report bugs and comments to


GNU General Public License, read LICENSE for more informations.

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